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Medical Missions to Voronezh
Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1

RGOL USA and Novick Cardiac Alliance agreed to a long-term project to develop a Pediatric Cardiac Care Center of Excellence in Voronezh, Russia.


In July 2013, Dr. Novick, Russian Gift of Life USA, and the Division of Cardiac Surgery at Voronezh Regional Hospital (VRH) agreed to collaborate on the project. Dr. Novick coordinates and sends international teams of pediatric cardiac specialists to work with the appropriate colleagues at VRH to expand cardiac services. The visiting teams initially consisted of a senior level pediatric cardiac surgeon, a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist, two pediatric intensivists, a perfusionist, scrub nurse, respiratory therapist, six intensive care unit nurses and a biomedical engineer. As the local teams acquire more and more skills, the size of visiting teams adjusts accordingly.  The visiting teams work side by side with their Russian colleagues and provide direct hands on teaching at all levels as well as 24-hour coverage in the intensive care unit. Each mission provides life-saving open-heart surgery to ten children on the average.

The team is currently preparing its November surgical medical mission to Voronezh. RGOL USA dedicates these medical missions in memory of Kurt Weishaupt.


November 2019


March 2019

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October 2018

Voronezh March 2018 Trip  Report.jpg

March 2018


November 2017


February-March 2017


October 2016


February 2016


September 2015


March 2015

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